Essential Blend (12 oz bag)


Origin: Blend
Roast Level: 
Tasting Notes: Nuts, Caramel

One of our community partners whom we have long supported is the Children's Center Rehabilitation Hospital right here in Bethany. This non-profit hospital provides children with 24-hour medical care and rehabilitation therapies, respiratory care and special education.

Now you can join us in our support as well. Simply buy a bag of our Essential Blend and $5 of your purchase will go to The Children's Center. It's that easy! To find out more about The Children's Center, visit

We figured we'll do what we do best (i.e. roast great tasting coffee) to help benefit what we believe is an essential organization in our central Oklahoma community.

Our special Essential Blend is a medium roast blend producing a smooth, uncomplicated cup every coffee drinker will love. It's mild nuttiness, coupled with subtle caramel notes make the coffee not only enjoyable but interesting, with every sip.

This Central and Central American blend is good however you brew it — whether by home coffee pot-style brewer, pour-over, French press or espresso machine.