Sugar Free DaVinci Gourmet Flavoring Syrup (750 ml)

DaVinci's gourmet syrups are a staple in coffee shops thanks to the extra bit of flavor interest they provide to coffee and espresso drinks.
These sugar-free syrups from DaVinci give you the same great flavor for which DaVinci is known but without the calories. Made with Splenda, which is derived from sugar and tastes like sugar, these syrups do not carry that strange aftertaste experienced with other sugar free syrups.

Each user-friendly bottle contains 25 servings, but each pump carries a lot of power, giving your espresso or other drinks that truly impressive extra pop.

  • DaVinci syrups lend a rich taste with top notch ingredients
  • Sugar-free, calorie free
  • Perfect for coffee, espresso drinks, hot or cold, and other blended drinks
  • Great for the restaurants and for your home