AeroPress Brewing Kit (includes brew unit, reusable stainless filter, 12 ounce bag of coffee)


AeroPress Coffee Brewer, Reusable Filter & 12 oz. Bag Mocha Java Blend — a $65.00 value!

Everything you need to start AeroPress brewing your coffee! With this kit, you get the brewer and the coffee.

Here is what you get:

AeroPress Coffee Brewer

  • 1-3 cup brewing assembly (vessel, plunger, perforated filter cap)
  • 18-gram capacity coffee scoop
  • Stirring paddle
  • Funnel
  • Pack of filters plus holder

      Altura "The Mesh" Reusable Stainless Steel Filter

      • Fits all AeroPress coffee makers
      • Designed to work with super fine to medium grinds
      • Easy to clean and reuse

      The Coffee

      12 ounce bag of our Mocha Java Blend
      AeroPress users said the AeroPress really brings out the chocolatey notes of this blend. 

      This dark medium roast gives a floral aroma mixed with dark earth and taste of fruit, mingled with nuts, dark chocolate with a hint of cinnamon and earth. 

      Start brewing your coffee with this polypropylene, BPA-free brewer. This kit includes everything that come with the AeroPress (3-part brewing assembly, coffee scoop, stirring paddle, filters and filter holder) and a bag of our fresh-roasted coffee.

      And here is our AeroPress coffee brewing recipe using this kit: 11 Easy Steps to Brew Coffee With the AeroPress