Grounds 4 Compassion opens drive-thru coffee shop in Piedmont

Up until now, you’ve known Grounds 4 Compassion as a coffee roaster and supplier of coffee and related services.

But now at last, we're a coffee shop too — in Piedmont!

Last month we opened a small drive-through coffee shop at 705 Piedmont Rd. N — the former Coffee Now location — and are serving a wide range of drinks using our own freshly and locally roasted coffee. For those not into coffee, we've got other refreshments too, like dole whip, lemonade, cream soda and Topo Chico.

We held a soft opening on April 16 and are so grateful for the show of support from the community we experienced that day as we were quite busy!

We look forward to serving Piedmont, not only with the coffee and other treats we serve — and all the love that goes into preparing them — but also the opportunities for new memories and relationships these treats tend to bring.

Coffee is all about community. We do this not just because of our love for coffee, but also for our love for our fellow man. 

So come on by for a cup of coffee, or whatever off our menu, and support Piedmont and the community.

About G4C

Grounds 4 Compassion is an Oklahoma City-based company focused on providing freshly roasted quality coffee for our customers and investing back into our community. Our goal is ultimately to help improve our community and our world as we endeavor to make a good cup of coffee.

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Written by Bradley Carter